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Best Way To Keep Freshly Caught Squid Ready For Next Outing


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hey guys,

recently ive been heading out landbased the last few weeks on a friday or thurs and

stocking up on squid ready for the sat morning fish...

i have had no trouble gettn them..

prior to last week ive caught the squid and taken them home wacked them in a

snap lock bag then straight into the freezer.. this way they caught fish..

last fri i snapp looked the smaller ones and glad wrapped the bigger mumma one and then put

them into the fridge ready for the next morning...

come sat morning they actually looked really fresh and good and they DID work really well..

so id like to know how all u guys do this and do i freeze or not freeze?

althou ive tried both ways i think the fresh caught then into fridge works abit better?

any thoughts guys?

cheers steve

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thats pretty much what i do steve, if its going to be used the next day i would rather put them in zip lock bags, take all the air out and then straight into the fridge rather than the freezer. if it was mid week and using for the weekend i will freeze them. avoid washing them in fresh water i think was another tip.



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This is the way Grant (Jewhunter) told me to do it, i have had great success aswell..

1 - Catch squiddies

2 - Put them straight into a ziplock bag preferrably before they ink or touch ground, between 4-6 in each bag, or however many you would use in a session

3 - seal the bag and put it into an esky with ice, and a layer of newspaper over it to prevent ice burn, the squid will go to sleep straight away.

4 - once you have a full bag, vaccum seal it by either rolling, sucking or immersing the bag up to the opening to remove all the air without letting water in, then roll up the bag

5 - Wrap the ziplock bag in newspaper and place in the freezer until you need them, they will be inky and as fresh as the day you caught them... i have had 100% success using this technique compared to fresh live squid.

The freezer is better because it totally stops any of the natural decomposition processes that cause squid to go 'off', even in the fridge the micro organisms, natural pheromones and enzymes are still alive in the flesh doing their thing

Do not let the Squid touch FRESH WATER or organic matter at any time!!!! this is the golden rule of keeping squid, put the damn things in the bag and do not touch them or take them out until they are going onto your hooks!!!!

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Steve, mate what you are doing is right....and last weeks results with the kings we caught are proof....

All those kings were caught on your mid week squid....and the bust offs were on the massive bastard you caught....

All i can say is if it aint broke dont fix it

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