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Broken Bay Wide 22/3/07

Guest Big-Banana

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Guest Big-Banana

Gday Fellas,

Just a quick report from today, launched at 6:30am at Brooklyn.

Didn't bother with Liveys. Didn't have too. Caught a heaps of Dollies and lost a much bigger one beating 1 meter easily after a big jump 6 foot out of the water. Aren't they awesome when they get to this size. Great day to be out regardless. Left them biting at about 2am.

Caught about 25 Dolphin Fish, 3 Snapper and a couple of Leatherjackets.

Water was flat as and water temp around 23 degrees.

Here are some pics.


This last Stripey was taken two weeks ago. It went about 7kg.


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7kg stripey, mate thats a top size would have been a good fight.

It's good to see the dollies are making a late turn up,Better late than never i guess.

Looks like you guys cleaned up, nice work shame about the big dollie, adrenaline pumping stuff.

I was getting worked up for the next trip in 2 weeks from now just looking at those photos, hope there still around.

cheers james

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Guest Big-Banana


how wide out were you and where you luring or baiting ??

We were about 25km out, we were using lures. A range of Saltwater Flies and Small Xmas trees. As usual Green was the best. Its been a funny season, they've been ignoring all our bait, be it Pillies or Liveys. Maybe they're getting lazy!

Thanks for the kind words fellas, was great to be out there today!

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