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Lake Illawarra


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Decided to take a run down to Lake Illawarra this morning for what I hoped would be an assault on the local flathead population.

Well it wasn't to be 4 hours flicking just about every colour placcie I had to land 1 little 35cm specimen just before I was to head off, Gongfisho made a short appearance to show of stayed 15mins and landed a 40cm model :ranting2:

The fish were there the guys throwing out live poddy's were cleaning up but the plastic brigade were struggling. But it was sure better than working. Ben where is the best spot to get some poddy's down there I wouldn't mind having a go with them so I can go home with a feed.

All in all it was still an enjoyable day

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hey rob, did he get it on the second cast?

i recon he just has 1 cast incase any ones watchin, then when your attentions back on your own game, he pulls one out of his pocket n cast it in, OOH OOH IM ON!! IM ON!! :074: .

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