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Boat Weights


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Hey Raiders

Hoping for a little help on this one.

Does anyone have a guide line to how much a boat weighs?

I have a 4.5 Metre Dehavilland offshore run about with a 40HP Tohatsu

My car is rated to tow upto 650Kgs

Do you think i'm good to go or do you think the boat is too heavy for the car.

Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.



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hey maggot, :1welcomeani:

i have a 4.2m Quintrex with a 35hp runabout and i tow it around with my golf... it weighs about 200kgs so yours may weigh around 300kgs give or take a bit...

hopefully that helps you...


AWESOME - Thanks for your Help

Hopefully that means i'm out on the water this weekend

Cheers :thumbup::fishing1::yahoo:

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Tow weights I think are total overall weight of boat plus the trailer.

To get an idea just look up the quinnie site and find a similar boat, add another 200+kgs for the trailer.


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