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South West Rocks


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Spent a week in late feb up at South West Rocks, could only cross the bar on two of the days due to bad conditions. On the first day we spent the morning at Fish Rock where we didn't turn a reel, we then trolled to the FAD and returned to the jail grounds where we picked up a 20kg Cobia to finish off the day. On the second day we concentrated our efforts working bait schools at the jail grounds, this day we picked up two Blacks 30kg and 50kg. The second fish (50kg) was caught on a jig rod with a trinadad 16n which was a good way to see line leave a spool at speed. overall a great place for small boats to target a wide variety of game fish which in other places would have to travel miles offshore, can't wait to go back.


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A great spot is South West Rocks. Let us hope it does not get too big. Great pictures lads. Will we still see pictures like this in 20 years time? I hope so ! :1fishing1: BART.

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