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Inner City Breamin

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Fished Blackwattle Bay on thursday and friday morning before uni and things were pretty tough :thumbdown:

Started off dawn throwing my black R2S bubble pop around for some interest but no solid hookups.

Made my way round from the rowing clubs for absoloutly zip, when you can't get a hit on a gulp worm you are pushing you know what uphill :074:

Tryed both SP's and HB's without success, finnally briefly hooked onto a bream over some shallow weeds and scored a flatty next cast :biggrin2:

Tried off the jetty which had plenty of chopper milling around, a SX40 and fast retrieve into the mix produced instant chopper but they were pretty small even by chopper standards.

Cast into the hole next to the jetty and when my grub finally hit the deck i was rewarded with this little trevally :thumbup:


Made my way back to the jetty at the rowing club where i missed a strike on the popper, to be confronted by big bream after big bream easily visable along the bank :1yikes:

I tried everything but they were not realy interested.

Then i cast under the pylons with a squidgy bug and it was clobbered by this good bream, he went 35cm and fat as , :yahoo:


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That's a good looking breambo u had there, bream mad. Well done. :thumbup: When you mentioned the rowing club, are u refering to usyd's? Thanks.




USYD womens rowing club.

Thats the one with my bubble pop hanging from the wharf :074:



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Hi Bream Mad

Can we have some details on your rod and real please.

Nice bream! Good report. You sure had better luck than I this week.


Hi Jill,

I have a 6'8" shimano rack raider matched to a 1500 Sedona, I use 4pound fireline and 4-9pound fluoro leader depending on structure levels. I bought the rod and reel as a combo for $200 and it has caught many fish, including some big lizards and even salmon. It is right at home fishing snags such as pylons or racks, has plenty of low down grunt :biggrin2:


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