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hey raiders

just wondering what fish i can catch on these little buggers, plus they dont seem to last very long as livies. does anyone know an effective way to rig gars for estuary/bay fishing? live or dead?



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Guest IFishSick.

They are awsome offshore bait when they're big, big circle through the nose and you're right.

As for Estuary I wouldn't know, a rig for flatties might just be circle through the nose and a big enough weight to keep em at the bottom when drifting.

Another could be circle through nose, no weight, just let em swim out into the burley trail for pelagics, when they get too far away reel in and repeat.

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When i use them off the wharf , casting out for kingies/bonnito

I just pin them with a single hook behind the anal fin (no sinker)

They seem to swim naturally and stay alive for a while, as ifish said, let them swim out as far as they want , if it get's to far wind in and repeat.

Rob :1fishing1:

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