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Good Fishing Spots Around Sydney Landbased!

Thomas Mattarelli

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guys just wanted to hear about some of the good fishing spots around sydney that i can get to on foot

and forget anything to do with the harbour not a fan. i like eating my catch and knowing its not going to kill me lol

So let me hear it, anything north and south of city ??

i fish alot at bobbin head and its a great little spot for bream, flatties and leather jackets but like one of my other post i want to catch a jewie or something worth bragging about so help a Brother out let me know the secret spots i promise i wont tell lol

Thanks Guys


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well said stewy

we can't give you advice unless you asked what type of fishing you gonna do

what type of tackle do you have?

there's great rock fishing at mona vale, whale beach and any headlands around there

however, if you are not experienced with rock fishing you better go with a local as rock fishing is very dangerous, even for experienced anglers

i normally catch drummer, trevally and breams at mona vale and whale beach

i use a 12 ft rod matched with a round baitcaster with min 20 lbs mono. i normally use a float and my best bait is ab gut although peeled king prawns will do the job

i've been catching plenty of salmon at Burning Palm (Royal National PArk) with pilchard on gang hooks

plenty of options out there



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Sorry guys

im into almost anything il fish from Rocks, Beach, jettings almost anywhere

i have a brand new beach outfit im keen to catch a fish on i would love to land a nice salmon or big tailor even a nice flatty almost anything i can brag about lol

i feel that my tackle box couldnt get much better i have spent alot of money lol so im pretty well set up just yet to catch the monsters

and yes Swordfisherman im keen for a feed

Thanks for the replys and sorry for not being specific with my post

Edited by Tom Hunt
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thanks swordfisherman

also im very interested in catching a hairtail i know they are most active at night an i know they loved fresh fish flesh, pillies and squid and i have been told that they feed from the top of the water so casting out whole baits without sinkers is a goodway of getting them

But what time of the year are they most active in the esturies such as bobbinhead, and cottage point ???

i have found some good spot for squid and also mullet so fresh bait shouldnt be too much of a problem i think lol

and thanks again for the reply guys its realy helping me out

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