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Hey All

This last 6mnths fishing sydney harbour has been brillant for us had alot of goals set, an SMASHED most of them :yahoo:

No 1. Greg wanted a new PB of kingy over 75cm, got that last october! Now after 2 weeks back its the 1M kingy goal

No 2. Get me into a day of mutliple hookups on kingys. Achieved that the week before the kingy social with a quad hookup an only the two of us DOHHHHHHHH.

An it hasnt been a ONCE OFF :thumbup::yahoo:

No 3. Get our Dad into a kingy. Considering his a weekend warrior. He might fish once every 3mnths. Smashed this one on the social day an following trips out! He now has a PB of 64cm.

No 4. Get a mate of mine an Gregs into some kingys, previous seasons havent been kind to him :1prop:

No 5. Cant ask for much more now!,,, who am I kidding I always want more lol :1prop::1fishing1:

Now this season just gone has been they BEST for over 5 years of fishing sydney harbour hard!!!!!! :biggrin2: . Our longest session sofar on the harb was 27hrs, in our 4.1M tinny!!! Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz. To those people who meet us after a regular 12+ hour session Im sorry we are not the most sociable people as you could imagine :biggrin2:

On that note. Cant complain about much sides being busted off,,,, ALOT lol, bloody 15kg. Doooh

D & G

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Well done fellas. :thumbup:

Nothing like setting goals & smashing them sensless. Nice to see there not all about just the two of you (Getting others to help with the praying & sacrificial luring to the Sea Gods helps you in the end I guess LOL)

Hope your goals keep getting filled :thumbup:

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After what you mumbled to greg that day about your best day sofar, an DT was nearby, greg thought that was priceless,,,, not having to pay or bring anything sides lunch, for one of your best days fishing sofar.

Just think about how much crap you will have over your own boat after bringing 15-25kingys aboard... Its called "CHARACTER" :1prop::1prop:

D & G

Edited by Dan and Greg
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