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Chop In Harbour Heads


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The forecast for sat is 3 metre southerly swell and 20 knots outside the harbour.

Wind approx 10 to 15 knots southerly in the harbour.

I plan to motor over to manly from rose bay,

Should I expect chop and swell when passing across the heads or will the mouth be secluded from the southerly swell ?


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Mate it may be a bit choppy but if you take it easy it should be right, just judg the conditions when you get there....the 3 metre swell wont make it into middle head so much so its really only the wind you have to worry about

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Fished saturday, arvo.

There was a 1.0 approx metre swell as we went past the heads.

Not much of problem. Got into middle harbour pretty easily.

Would have been a different story if it was an eastily swell..

Thanks anyhow.


it was ridiculous conditions to even fish LB at roseville today with the wind, as i found out. :1badmood:



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