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just started to get into lures.(landbased) fishing off the sand flats at lane cove under fig tree bridge most of the time. given the camos a rest as they are too easy....

been using eco gear sx40 and 48's with no luck yet but 'yes dear'(a fishraider member i fish with) seems to catch fish always on them. is there some magic technique?

been havin luck though with the smith range.

bream,flatties,whiting and even a nice squid off the wall near hunters hill high the other night in rain.

any suggestions or advice? any other lures anyone been having luck with?

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hey mate

sx40's are defintely a good bream lure, i find berkley bass are also a good bream and flattie producer. if ur not getting any hits on eithor slow it down or speed it up. just try and change it around. also use lighter lines, jigheads, rods and reals. it really is necessary if u want to catch good numbers of fish. try around canals if u have any near u, casting to jetties and under boats, mangroves are a good target. try everything and u should start getting some good fish.

have fun fishing

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