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Woy Woy Bridge

the bream

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hey mate i have fished this spot acouple of times and can tell you there is some realy good bream, leather jackets and sometimes some nice tailor swimming around there

I have also heard that you can pick up some real nice flatties, and people have also told me the jewies go through of a nighttime

I fished there mostly with prawns and small squid but i once tried casting acouple small yakkas out there and got smashed about 3times in one day by something MASSIVE!! (my gear was to small) :mad3: so might be a good idea to take some heavy gear and give it ago also.

let me know how you go

hope i was alittle bit of help

Have a good one


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Been there a few times! Yes you get tailor, but nothing big!

Big flatties, decent bream! Few rats at night too :P

I was there one evening don't know what it was, but I think it was a flattie HUGE went up to the shoreline attacking the bait fish - didnt touch my bait though :(

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i dont personally like it there off the shore more snags than anything

i caught a good size leathery down there once

Mate, Ive only fished there once (from the bridge - dumb yes but very hungry for fish). Secret, round the corner, place called "Fisherman's Wharf". It is great for bream, whiting, leatherjacket, baby snapper, flathead, trevally, slimmy mackrel. Mate, you name it, its there. Restaurant nextdoor discard scraps into water. Stirs fish up. Go there, 100% you will catch something. Prawns and mullet work best.



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