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Jewie Season


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hi guys,

i was wondering, what is the best season for jew? some people say summer others winter. :wacko:

i dunnoe which 1 is true, but i have caught 1 mini jewie say ard 45cm, in autumn (must be a fluke). And that is my first jewie up till now throughout my 3 years of fishing experience in sydney.lol. its a shame.hehehe. :biggrin2:

so, any advices from the pros out there to improve my chances? :1prop:


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G'day mate. I'm no pro but have a bit of experience with Jew. :biggrin2:

The reason you're hearing conflicting reports is that different systems fish better at different times. Now is a great time to fish the harbour for bigger fish. April/May/June/July is also when you get the big fish off the beaches. Summer in the Harbour sees alot of schoolies caught.

The Hawksbury is a bit different with summer being the better time to find good fish.

The Mullet will run on the first westerly wind around the new moon this month & that always fires the fishing up.

Fact is they can be caught year round. It's just a matter of where you fish.

Remember to use live or fresh self caught bait & to fish the tide changes around the bigger tides of the month. You'll need alot of patience to work a likely looking spot over properly. Some spots fish better on high tide & others on low. Nights are usually best but some spots fish better during the day. You can only work this out through trial & error. It makes landing your first big Jew all the more special though.

Good luck.



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Jewhunter is spot on. These fish are an all year round proposition. Winter generally produces less fish however they are often larger and thats what its all about.

The spots that fire in summer are often jewie deserts in winter as the fish tend to move upstream and also off the beaches and offshore. There is so much more to learn about this awesome fish.

Winter also happens to be a great time to chase them using hardbody lures. This form of jewie fishing is arguably the most challenging and therefore is the most exciting for me. Been hanging out for winter in a big way and hopefully a serious jew will inhale my Rapala on a cold still night. :yahoo:

BTW, there's a new DVD out called "Local Knowlege" that has some great info on jewfishing. Well worth a look.



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Just the mention of this fish normally ushers a "SHHH" from those in the know. It is very difficult to be accepted into the jewie community as the fish are often found in certain spots and can be fished out if not looked after.

I am a rank amateur with jews but I am finally getting some results after many many years of trying. Used to go out to the sewer outlets when I was younger and scored them regularly but those days are gone. It is a specialist's territory and only time on the water will get you the answers. However, there are some good info from the people on this forum who have caught more jew than I can count.

I think with the jews they are available all year. Just need to keep your eyes open. I know some guys who have almost worked them out and can predict when a big one will come around but that knowledge is out of my league. Cheers Kelvin

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Sssshhhhhhh... on belhalf of the big jewie community ....... not that I will ever be a member...

Not all Jewie fishos are like that Ceph. We all know guys like that but I find that people on this site such as Red, Netic, Namesay, Stewy , myself & others are more than willing to share what they know.

The sharing of knowledge is what makes the Fishraider community so special.



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Hi Grant

Better words cannot be said!! What comes round, goes round. The chance of everyone turning up to a 'special spot' at the same time & catch fish is so remote! Most folk don't really listen to what you tell them to do, anyway & go off on their own, do their own thing & then complain that they don't catch fish! That's life!

The ones that listen, put in the hours & put it in practise - they are the ones that will catch fish.



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Over the last 10yrs or so Ive caught heaps of jewies but this has been solely on the Midnorthcoast.

I never did much fishing in summer ,only in winter did the 3.00 am starts become a ritual.Prime time is

from ANZAC day through to october but i think they are there all the time just not as thick.

Mainly i'd catch them off the rocks where at first light they would be cruis'in the headlands for any

tasty morsels for breakfast and its not uncommon to hook up on a couple every outing and then

its just a matter of landing them,lol. One particular outing i remenber was my father,uncle and i

landed 5 jewfish from 5 to 15kg and lost another 3 which were a whole lot bigger in a matter of 3hrs.

We all were fishing from the same rock,an absolute magic morning on the rocks.We then played rock,scissors,paper to see who was going to carry them back to the car.LOL.


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Just a quick note,there seems to be a good showing of smaller school jew around the mouth of the hawksbury at this time of year.Read a report on here the other day about 14 being caught at Juno in one night and a 75cm flatty.Mates of mine got them exact same time last year, all were about 3-6kg,but the lizards were all 55+.Heading out on the weekend to hopefully nail a few.See you there :1fishing1:

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