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Glenbawn Dam


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Hey Raiders,

Over the long weekend myself and Dad are going upto Glenbawn dam with a few reles. I've have never ever fished freshwater before and I don't have a clue what heck im doin :wacko: . Just a few questions when baitfishing are the rigs pretty much the same as what you would use for fishing in salt for bream, whiting etc?

And if anyones got any tips on fishing it what lures and colours and baits to use, I don't expect any secret spots or anything like that

Thanks in Advance


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Hey Mitch

Go to "Fishing Reports" and type "Glenbawn" into the 'Search' area. Check out all the reports that mention 'Glenbawn' in the heading & you should get plenty of tips!!

Grab some fresh Yabbies or take worms with you - a few years back I caught a 50cm bass with a yabby near the boat ramp! Thought it was a snag until it shook it's head. A paternoster rig (sinker on the bottom & hook off a dropper up to 1m above it should keep the bait above the weed.) Yabbies tend to crawl back into the weed if on the bottom!

Good luck


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