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Time For Serious Serious Fun


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Hey there fellow raiders,

as a few of you may know and for those who dont, my other half :wife: , is off to central Australia is 9 days time and she will be away for 10 weeks,

so that means il be all alone, and time for some all nite fishing, so can some 1 tell me whats areas are going good at night, ive got 10 weeks off work so that means 10 weeks of non stop fishing while the :wife: is in the middle of no where,

i can fish the harbour, botany bay or the hacking. :biggrin2:



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:Funny-Post: hahah 2nd that,

im sure if u gather the correct fresh and or live baits ull have a fair chance

of knocking a jewie off in the bay around moll point or the pylons around the better known



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