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Easter Monday At Lilli Pilli


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Woke up at 5am and was still deciding whether I should go out or not. My mind kept saying whats the point as i haven't caught anything during the last 3 days and each time i would come home all wet, cold and disappointedly fishless. After lying in my bed for 50min i decided to go. I arrived there around 6:15am and one bloke was already there flicking SP without luck and hasn't seen anything zooming past.

Anyways i started chucking out my lure without much success and nothing was chasing it. After half an hour of casting i saw squids right under the jetty, quickly dropped my jig down and got myself a nice squid. After squirting ink everywhere, friends of the squid swam away and never saw them again.

Back to some casting with the lure and about 7am saw big splashes at the far corner of the bathes. So me and another different bloke started continuously casting at that corner but they were gone soon after.

Again back to some lazy casting but this time i got a hookup but it definitely did not feel like a big fish because previous days i have hooked onto baby snappers and thats how it felt like on the initial hookup. But once it realized it was hooked it was really fighting hard. I got it near the jetty and i was so worried it was heading for the pylons each time it made a run but luckily the fish kept changing directions before it reached the pylons. Fought with fish for a moment and one of the guys helped me netted the fish. I was so excited to have finally landed this fish after trying for so many weekends. Many thanks to him for helping me out. Theres no way i could of brought this fish up. :thumbup:

Anyways the fish ended up being approx 41cm. Have you noticed i have not named the fish? thats because i still don't know what it is exactly. Doesn't look like a Frigate Mackerel or a Bonito or a Mackerel Tuna or maybe it is and all the Internet pictures are wrong :wacko:



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it was definitely fun on light tackle. it was caught on 6lb braid. i think i could of went lower hehe

we've just finished dinner and everyone liked eating the fish. sure the flesh is dry and rough but i like it that way. the flesh is actually quite tasty or maybe it was mum's cooking skills hehe also, catching your own fish seems are bit more tastier. the squid was stir fried with chinese broccoli and mum added poached prawns in water with chilli soy as dipping. good on ya mum!!! :thumbup:

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