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Botany Bay


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post-4001-1176091672_thumb.jpgHead out to the 3rd runaway this morn, first cast out on a prawn, pulled in a 30cm bream.

Went a little quiet for an hour, was contemplating pulling up the anchor when my mate mick got a little tap, started reeling in and then ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ.

15 mins later landed a beauty 68 cm almost 3kg Kingy.

Very quiet after that, see something lurking around the boat on the surface, tried to throw some burley out and god knows how, managed to hit him in the back of the head :05:

Went back up stream, Mick pulls in another little cracker, a 45cm flatty.

A good mornings fishing was had by all, and I think he was glad I was out of the boat :mad3:

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