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Blackie Fishing


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Hi guys

There had been some good reports coming from this spot over the last week or so, and considering it is one of the spots to be tried for our Forster Blackie Social, I thought I would give it a go. Great for land based fishos that can't clamber over rocks & things. You can get them up to 3lb there, they reckon! i have yet to catch a decent one there, yet! Funny that, I can get good ones on the wall but not there. I think I really need to downsize to 4lb fluoro & probably have longer traces for that spot.

I had watched this bloke catch nice fish yesterday & was busted off by two - one quite big, whilst I only managed some throw backs, so thought I would try on my own this morning. Also took some fresh cabbage, to vary their diet.

Went out this morning & tried the 'spin dried' weed (see http://www.fishraider.com.au/Invision/inde...howtopic=19860)

Had lots of downs (tiddlers) and one double hookup & a few others (throwbacks) but nothing of real size. I was testing my 'kayak' rod which is a fair bit shorter than my blackie one, with totally different action, so that in itself was a learning curve. This guy reckoned it was better on the turn of the out to run in, so may have another go later after lunch.

They loved the spin dried weed, tho - wouldn't take the fresh cabbage! The weed was gone in a second.

I will perservere with the spun weed over the next few weeks, testing it's survival as well as effectiveness at different spots around the wall & lake (kayak & land based!)



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