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Live Bait?


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HI everyone,

although I have had numerous amount of help from everyone here at fishraider forums, i still can't master the livies (yes, including yakka's).....

heres the problem: when i find yakka's, they are always too timid.....

when i find squid, i can catch them (have done it at Rose Bay wharf, but i dont live near there....).

I know squid live in kelp ect.... looking for some more info.

Is there a tecnique with those god dang feather jigs? ANd where should I go?



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G;day Mate.

I don’t think you are doing anything wrong.

If you are berleying and getting the yakkas around the boat, then you have done the right thing.

Don’t know why but they have been very finicky in the harbour lately and very frustrating to catch, but when I go to Botany or Hawksebury I can fill a tank using exactly the same techniques in no time.

Where abouts are you ? There are squid all along the Parra river at most of the ferry wharves at night, just look for lights and calm water. Same story for port Hacking.

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Gidday Mate...

Not being able to catch Yakkas can be very frustrating. If you are relying on those feather jigs, you may be limiting your chances. They do work but in my experience, you need to have the fish in a feeding frenzy.

We always use bait. Little pieces of prawn or pilchard work well because they are soft and the fish can get to the hook easily. When I say "little" I mean tiny. Sometimes, all I use is a piece about the size of a match head.

You need micro hooks. We use size 12 or 14 long shank hooks. Sometimes no lead.. other times, a small split shot. It depends on the conditions and whether there are those little Trumpeter of Sweep hanging around stealing you bait before the Yakkas get to it.

Remember, you must berley well. Sneak a bit of tuna oil into the mix.

As for spots...... unfortunately, you must find your own. Obviously, structure is fundamental however, we have caught Yakkas in the deep blue where there is no structure. Such is fishing.

Squid are a different story.. sometimes, they just are not there. Other times, your jig is too big, too small, wrong colour, wrong action, not deep enough, retrieved to quickly etc etc....

Good luck!

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if you use a jig lift it up and drop it in a slow motion i find that they take it on the drop usually and add some bait on the jig hooks as soon as you get them in the mood they take anything remember to keep the berley going but not too thick :1fishing1:

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