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Friday 13th Lives Up To Its Reputation


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Went to spot X landbased today.

Got down about 7, got a 2 squid in 2 casts , sawa school of rats swim past before i had anything properly rigged up.

My friend came down about 8 , he also managed 2 squid in 2 casts :tease:

On his 4th he got a little cuttle fish which was aggresivley chased up by a kingy, This will work a treat i think, pull the cuttle out and switch to a small green eye on the proper gear, alas the did not return :1badmood:

All quiet till about 11, BIG school of frigates/bonnito came through

had numerous followups but no hooukps.

We had a couple of live yakkas out and the second my friends hit the water , it zooms off at a million miles an hour :yahoo:

Weight for a second then nothing , reel the yakka back in he now has some serious teeh marks in him (bonnito lost! :ranting2: )

Saw a kingy follow up another livey , switched to a squid strip BANG , get him up last moment does a run , hits the oysters and goodbye fish. :ranting2:

My friend kept trying for frigates and finally (and i mean after a good 5 weeks without getting one!) he hooks up, but seconds later the hooks pull :ranting2:

Thats pretty much finished our day on the pelagic front , but it was good to be out there today!

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unkucky there mate, very unfortunate day. but there is

always next time you go to get those fish. thats the great

thing bout fishing you can always go back and get those

fishwhich you missed this time.

regards mark

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Saw you down there Kingsrule,

Had pretty much the same result from my spot. Did some heavy burly and had some rats come in and just sniff everything infront of them only to turn up their noses!

I did manage to have one really short but strong run from something (probably one of those rats) with a dead yakka (seems to be the best down there at the moment) but it spat the hook and i had to leave for work at 8:30. so nothing at my end either.

I thought for sure you would have got smashed with those little squid. We tried everything but...


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Bad day Bro.

Got your sms but was still in bed...lol. Saw Mario at spot Z this morning, said been a little quiet although my mate marenko got a kingy he told me.

See you down there soon mate, back to fishing now easters all over and the family do's are done. Hope we have more luck rob.

Cheers Marcus

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