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First Time At B/bay Close Fad

aussie big bob

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hi there fellow raiders

with all the hype about the dollies and the b bay fads i thought i would give it a go

day started at 3.30am arrived at boat ramp approx 4.30

first stop was the bait grounds to get some lives, that was a joke 2 hours for zip.

so off to the fad for the very frst time. arrive at fad to see only one other boat there.

so as this is my first time at the fad and the first time i had fished for dollies i set out

three unweighted baits, well this turned into a bad misstake as all three rods started to go off

and as i was on my own this presented me with one big problem , solution was just to sit it out and see which one was going to stay on, a few mins passed and one dollies is on its way to the boat,and skipper

happy :biggrin2: so do another drift and on again dollie num 2 on its way to the boat. things start to go quite

so decide to head to the peek for the first time as well on the way throw aout 2 skirts which i bought last year at the boat show and yes you guested half way the and i am on to my first stripe tuna :yahoo: , and boated it :thumbup: the rest of the way to the peek zip so off to 12mile also for the first time but also zip

so now with the dollie fever decide to head back to the close fad and try for some more dollies done about 5

to 6 drifts for only 1 more but happy for that :biggrin2: so now its time to head back to the bay before night sets in trolled all the way back for zip. arrive at cooks river ramp 5.30, the day was great with me geting 2

pb dallies and tuna :yahoo::yahoo::yahoo:

here is photo of the tuna not big but my first :biggrin2:



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Good day out for you Bob especially running solo

know how you feel with the bait collecting, we hit

Watts Reef on Monday and there was nothing there :(

the Kingys must have the bait schools scared

so we just trolled out to the fads for 2 Dollies and 3 Stripeys

headed out further for nothing

Good to finally see some blue water and find the Dollies

even if they are small, fingers crossed the temp stays

over 23 and we get some bigger models


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Hi there once again fellow raiders

There was one thing I left out off my first post and that is to thank the person that was responsible for me making the Pb that I did,

And that is (white caps) the only thing for me to do now is to return the favour.

So I hope that on Sunday we will be able to hit the water together in your 640c and I will be able to share my knowledge off fishing the fad with you, now that I am an expert :biggrin2::074:

Thanks white caps for making my day work out

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