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Unexpeted Trip Out For Dollies


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answered post from chris(cfd) and sammy to go out for dollies. after a weather prediction and tempting from chris decided to take my boat out and follow the boys, and i took my mate scott along.

boat handled great and got out there in no time. set up the rods chucked on a pillie and started following the boys lead with a drift past the fad (not sure which fad but the boys can answer that).

first drift came up with my 1st dollie!

spent a few hours out scott had 2 10min fights with light gear and lost the fish, i landed another one.

went quiet for us and others were getting fish constant so we changed over to pillies, and wack wack were in business!

scott had a run bzzzzzzz spat the hook prawn went up in the air, hit the water and instantly bzzzzzzz then spat hook then again hees onto his best 60cm!

i got onto my best 10min fight had him at the boat and snapped me off.

ended up with scott boated 4 i boated 3!

then we trolled home along the rocks and scott picked up a bonnie!

we boath had a great day!!!

thank you chris and sammy.

keen to learn more off you guys! :yahoo:

more pics



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no pic, funny you should ask cause scott wanted me to take a pic and post it but as i troll up bonnies every week i told him it was nothin special and not to worry about it!

this bonnie did fight hard thou, wasnt real big but quite fat!

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