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Tragedy Of A Dropped Jewie


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Hey Raiders,

Went for a fish on the northern beaches last night. Got there and the rain started but after a few minutes it stopped. Lightning all night out to sea to watch which was cool as the fishing was slow. Met two other guys on the beach and fished with them covering a big stretch of water.

One of the guys had a big jewie on for almost half an hour and he lost it right in front of the beach. He got a look it before it went piiiinnnnnggg. He was pretty crushed about it but he bounced back as a jewie fisherman must. Its either bounce back or give the jewie hunt away for good.

Otherwise it was pretty dead with a few tailor hits and lost tackle. No hits from sharks which was a change and i am now hoping that the jewies can get in on the action.

Going to hit it again tonight and meet up with the guy who lost the biggun last night for another punt at a jewie.

He reckons it went 12 -15kg.

If your out there Pete and Emmet it was good to meet you. Thanks for the great tips Emmet.

Humesy lets get out there.

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Hi Zen,

Good post mate. Ive just gotten back into beach fishing again, and living out at manly now i have so many choices. Might see you down there one day mate and hit a few big jewies. just the thought of the rush makes me want to go to narrabeen tonight ...lol

Ciao Marcus.

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Hey Zenman

I was out at Maroubra last night chasing jews as well. Whole squid caught on Saturday night for bait but no luck on the jews despite near perfect conditions. Caught a couple of big tailor but given that i had plenty of squid they went back in to fight another day.

Good luck tonight mate and let us know how you go.

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Sorry to hear of the dropped Jew zenman, i landed <--that 1.12 meter long jewie on north narrabeen a month ago. It took a live yellowtail and gave me a thumping ride...i put in around 20 hours and it was definately worth the wait! Good luck on the hunt!

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