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Sunday 15th Harbour Kings


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Got to Tunks at 4am with my brother to find a nearly empty car park and a free ramp, I got to give this getting up early caper a go I reckon :)

Headed off to look for some squid and yakkas to feed the Kingies and got onto a good school of Cuttlefish, we boated 7 and 3 squid. We gave the yakkas a miss as we had enough bait for a good session, and besides I wanted to be home before the Simpson’s started :1prop: So we headed for our secret kingie spot.

We got to our secret Kingie spot ( It looks a little like a cake but that's all I will say OK :) ) and did a lap to see if there was any action on the sounder, there was so we anchored up.

After a bit of.... I am going to get the first fish! No I am! crap that brothers do we decided that the only way to settle things was to put out identical rigs and baits dropped on the count of three... The loser buys the BnE rolls on the way home....So out go two of the live squid.

Just as I get my bait to the required depth the brother’s rod starts to buckle over..... Buggar :1badmood: The rolls are on me if he gets this right....

Out with the camera to prove to his boys that daddy does actually go fishing with Uncle Robbie, even if he does come home smelling more like VB than fish. :074:


Well as I am playing paparazzi my rod starts to buckle over and I get told "you’re on" I dropped my pride and joy Nikon like it had girls germs but I am still in with a chance for a free breakfast, sweet.... We do the kingie two step for a couple of minutes when the brother pulls the trump card and grabs the net while I am not looking and lands a nice king at 65cm while I am lifting mine by the leader, it went 59.999 any way so would probably not count as he would of made up a new rule about it not being legal :) So breakfast is on me... well sort of, I had no cash on me so he was always buying :1prop:

We fished for about another hour until we ran out of live bait, each bait scored a king except for the last cuttie that got nailed by a bream that went 30cm, cheeky bugger. We tried some squid that was caught and frozen on Thursday night but the Kings would just circle it, take a look, and disappear.

We kept the first two that were landed 65cm and 62cm and released every thing else.

This is a pic of the two we kept, taken just as I am telling the brother that I have no cash on me for the BnE rolls anyway and I actually need to Borrow $50 for petrol to get home :1prop:




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