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Breakwall Quick Flick


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had about an hour to kill as my son was doing something at his mates in Arncliffe

knowing this, I packed my rod and a couple of gulps

headed onto the southern side opposite old control tower

was blowing pretty hard so i didn't go to the end , just about 100 metres or so

put on a 1/8 ounce jighead to enable a longish cast and a 2 " natural shrimp

couple of casts and i decided to give the gulp a spray of stimulate

third cast i let it sink to the bottom and flick , flick retrieve BANG ,

head shakes and i know i'm onto a flattie

drag was light so he could have a little run ( what fun )

anyway he was quickly at my feet and my addiction was fed for the day

after a quick pic he was released

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Thats what i like to see, finding some way to fit in a couple of casts within a busy schedule.

Great thing about thowings SP's even 1/2 hour is enough for some action.

Used to go fishing in my lunch break at work and one day a hooked a jew on my third cast :thumbup:

Good flatty


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Nice one robeebee,

Harder and harder to find the time to fish, but good to see it paying off for you mate.

A few sp's and an hour to kill... what a way to do it. I do the same thing almost every morning for an hour or 2 after night shift.. Hope i can simulate your effort this morning on my way home past CG.


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