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10 Days Fishing


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Just remember to take it easy on me as this is my first post

Just want to share our trip to Tarthra over a period of 10 days :1fishing1::beersmile:

Our 1st day out was a shocker the sea was nasty.

I have a pretty strong stomach but it made me give it up 3 times :05:

we stayed long enough to catch a feed for good Friday & then headed in.

Saturday wasnt much better but if you were keen enough you could still get a catch,

Sunday we were in early as my wife Cindy & I bagged out on flatties by 10.30am. :yahoo::yahoo:

Tuesday was the best day on the sea with it being calm & more how us fishers like it than after that the sea was rough but bearable.

If anybody has gone out of Kianinny Bay in wild seas then they will know what a challenge it is to get back in, you need to watch, count & then go for your life unlike the poor family last easter who didnt know what they were doing & found themselves upside down in the water & there boat trashed on the rocks.

We spent 1 day fishing at Eden which was good as you can get a better variety of fish but over all we came away with 185 flatties :thumbup:

we bagged snappers,sweep,gurnards,aussie salmon,rock cod,tailor,jackets & shark so over all we had a good fishing trip so if you are brave enough to take on Kianinny you will enjoy the fishing.

shark hunter.

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