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Port Stephens Next Week


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My son and I are heading up to Port Stephens next week with the boat, to fish inside and outside and off the beach. Can anyone bring me up to date on what is doing up there at the moment. I am aware that the Marine Park boundaries come into force next week and so will have to take account of them, which puts much of Broughton Island out of the reckoning.

Any ideas?

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Well you gather your live bait anywhere outside the heads mate, they are in plague proportions up there so that's no worries.

You'll find Snapper by the dozen on all the reefs out the heads, all are within 2km so most boats can tackle them.

Squid are very easy to catch on the weedbeds there which are great bait for Kingies and Jewies there on the inshore reefs.

The Oyster Racks hold all your usual estuary critters and are great fun for the kids, try the small poppers there too for your Bream, Whiting and Flatties.


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