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Fishing Off A Wharf


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Just getting my 5 yr old into fishing taking him a step further from the plastic fishing rod and plastic fish he uses in the bath. I tried to think of the closest wharf to where we live at Dulwich Hill and ended up going to the wharf near the harbour bridge. I took a chair for him and he was enthusiastic to get the bread in the water (I told him you should scatter some food into the water to make them hungry) but after a half an hour of berleyling there was not a single yakka in sight. Luckily to save the occasion I felt the presence of those fat jackets around the wharf and let the bait go a bit further down before I could give him some excitement. Their stomachs are so big they seem to weigh heavy on light equipment but you should have seen his face when I pulled it up onto the wharf and put it the bucket!

We went home for lunch and took a picture of his first fish but look at the expression on his face.

He said his sister could have it for dinner as he wants chicken nuggets.

Anybody have any suggestions for better wharf fishing for 5 year olds?



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I recomend the floating wharf down near the captain cook bridge (nthern side) on the georges river.

I was down there last week and caught a few whiting (3), a little pinkie and a flounder all of not a bad size on prawns.



There were some kids fishing next to me who pulled in 10 whiting within half an hr on sand worms. :thumbup:

Theres also a good picnic area were the parking bay is.



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Thanks guys. I am sure I will get to try out both of those spots. By the way when I was throwing the berley in the water around the wharf, the boy said 'dad look at that fish'. It was fast moving and something long and sleek, possibly a long tom but it was good to see flashing through the water. It cost me $4 an hour for the parking meter how many great cities in the world can you take your kid fishing for that? And just for a bonus he seen a seaplane, some old antique ferry and assorted craft.


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clifton gardens or balmoral

both places you can have a family picnic and duck off with the young one for a bit of fishing

Careful with those kings though at cliffo, they'll take the boy with them lol. :1prop:

Blamoral is good as the trevs are thick around winter and pretty good on 4-6lb gear, as well as anything else...bit like pot luck. Trevs aren't that bad on the chew either. :thumbup:

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I agree with flukey the floating wharf at capt cook bridge would be a great place to take the kiddy to get in amongst some fish, not many legal fish but there is plenty of small bream, snapper, whiting and loads of yakka to entertain with. For the bream and pinkes just a simple running rig with a piece of peeled prawns will do the trick, while whiting same rig but try using tube worm with a small hook, while yakka i see the old fishos there taking heaps on hand line using mince meat floated down with not much weight at all. If ur lucky u might even score a decent flathead :) on a side note u could do a family pinic there seems to have some bbq facilities. Hope this helps



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Gday John.

Id gave to say Clifton gardens as well. Makes for a great day out there. My sons 6 1/2 and when fishing gets a little boring, theres the park, pool and a cafe there for somehthing to nibble on.

Can also loose the hours hunting smaller fish for enjoyment off the wharf closer to the beach and on the side near the rocks.

Keep him comming mate, future fisho's are made now i think.

Good luck

Marcus :04:

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