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Balmoral Sat - In Yak


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Headed out early and got one big squid quickly for fresh strips.

Hooked a small pike on the troll out to the outer morings, so I did what any good fish raider would do and trolled the pike, sadly for nil interest.

The pickers around the morings were chronic, foul hooked a big leather jacket (released). Trolled around Middle Head then sprinted across the channel to the Green marker off middle head, the pickers were even more rabid here, they were in mid water, did'nt land any but probably leatheries or toads for the speed with which they cleaned up a squid stip with almost zero 'bites'.

Trolled back to Balmoral, the occasional frigate busting up but they were isolated and staying on the surface no more than 10 seconds so did'nt get a cast off to them. Water was crystal clear and a great temperature, saw a nice red swim under the yak near the baths. Will have to go to plan B tomorrow morning.

Apparently the boys fishing off the baths go a few Salmon, Kings and Bream over the week.



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