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Roseville Squid 22/4


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Hi all,

Launched the yak at Roseville before dawn to try for a jew on an SP. Fished around the bridges for no joy. After daylight a squid hit the big plastic, so I flicked a squid jig over and in came a nice arrow. Pooped the jig out again but the drift had it sitting too high in the water so I took a hint from the FR forums and paternostered it. Came up with more squid. Abandoned the big plastic for a live squid, it was still alive 45 minutes later when I pulled the boat out (at least there were no pickers).

Ended up with 10 arrows, all in daylight between the ramp and the bridge. As I pulled the yak out a few fish started busting up about 150mts out fromt he ramp but I don't know what they were.


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Hey southerly,

I reckon the fish busting up the surface were probably tailor. I was down there having a spin during the week and caught a dozen or so slightly under size tailor by casting a small metal lure out to the surface activity.

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