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Pb Bass On Fly

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Hi Raiders,

A quick session on Sunday morning with my beloved 3wt produced excellent results at my local Bass stream :biggrin2: . Got their abour 8am and rigged up a #12 Gibson foam hopper. Flyfishing is tough in this water due to casting obstructions so moved to a more open pool packed with submerged weedbeds and rocks.

I cast out as long as i can and just let the hopper sit next to snags with the odd twitch, nothing happens so I start a 'popper like' retrieve and it is just nailed of the top by an aggressive Bass that feels pretty heavy :thumbup: . He drags me though the weed beds but my leader holds and i get him to pose for a few pics before release.


Wow he goes 33cm and in prime condition, a new PB for me, stoked :yahoo:

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Bream Mad it looks like all is well with the local Bass hole if

this is the type of fish it's producing

Another spot X is found :074: seems like every one

has one :thumbup:

Well done


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