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What brand ?

It would probably be best to see manufacturer

I do not know of any other people

Thanks Johnno, it's a Lowrance. I'm not sure if it is reading accurately and there is something happening with the screen that isn't right. I thought it would be worth getting a quote to have it looked at compared to purchasing a new one.

If I did purchase a new one, I'm totally confused as to which ones do the job for a responsible price.

CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a GOLD MEMBER - well done!

Kind regards


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Gibbo, fishfinders don't work in the carpark, and oh, Fishing spots that don't yield fish can't be deleted with liquid paper.- clean your screen. :074::074::074:

Okay, being serious for .2 seconds.

My Lowrance shat itself and I had to post it up North to an authorised repair place. As it was, they said don't bother because although it was a great unit, it was that old that they stopped making spares for it! :mad3:

Phone Lowrance first as they were real helpfull to me and saved me the postage and the wait !!!!!

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Why not come along to our Lowrance Workshop in May and speak directly to the NSW manager :biggrin2:

Check out the details in our Site News and Info area

Cheers mrsswordfisherman

Thanks for that Donna - I'll check it out. See you Friday.

Cheers Marg

P.S. Fingers crossed the rain stops!

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