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Braid Diameters


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I don't think one exists. Remember many of the braided lines are not exactly round eg Fireline (some are like a ribbon eg Climax) so diameters stated on the container may be different to those you measure. As for breaking strain, in a steady pull braid usually breaks way above figures stated on the packet. The knots you tie will determine the actual braid strength. See thread below for links to actual tests.




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Thanks for the reply Jeff

If members could copy and paste the below with the answers to make up a reference table that would be great.

Id like to know the diameters of each weight line in a particular brand eg. Fireline as it is stated on the packaging


6lb = ? diameter

8lb = ? diameter

10lb = ? diameter

12lb = ? diameter

14lb = .23mm

and so on, that way i and others can use this for reference to purchase spools of line to suit specific reels that i have and know how much i can spin on without the need to go to the store and look at it.

Cheers :beersmile:

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