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Difference Between Mercury/mariner


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This question may sound strange but I have always wondered what the difference between Mercury and Mariner. Looking at the May issue of Modern Boating the specs on the 90hp EFI Fourstroke are different!

I have always thought Mercury and Mariner were the same things with different engine covers!

Can someone please enlighten me!!!

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same engine different stickers as far as i know

I thought so too but the dispacement, bore x stroke and weight of engine are totally different with the "same" 90hp EFI FourStroke Mariner/Mercury.

And why do Mercury Marine need two divisions both selling outboards????

I hope someone knows - been bugging me for while!!! Need to sleep tonight!!!!!!

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hey guys, i'll take care of this one...

Mercury and mariner are the same company, both owned by the bruswick corp. Mariner was originally an australian licenced company that re-badged overseas engines and sold them locally under the 'mariner' brand name, mostly US made mercurys and a few Johnsons... some time ago Brunswick/Mercury bought the mariner name and took over operations. They have been sold side by side in australia ever since and obviously mercury has become more prolific with the acceptance of american brand names. The current concept is that 'Mariner' is the fishermans brand, as you will see from the mariner branded advertising in magazines such as "Bluewater"... Mercury is seen as the Liesure craft brand and is marketed as such, they are identical products just badged differently.

The differences you speak of regarding the 90hp four stroke are more a matter of timing rather than spec.

The previous model 90hp four stroke Mercury/mariner was a Yamaha produced engine block, which mercury assembled and sold as their own. This was the current model up until the release of the 'verado' based inline four cylinder at the Sydney boat show last year. The reason for the difference in specs is that Mercury/Mariner company (tellwater) are still selling the remainder of the yamaha based engines as "mariner" and are promoting the new mercury designed and produced 'verado' 4 cyl under their premier "mercury brand. Eventually the new model four stroker will be badged as a mariner...same engines different stickers basically


Specs on the above yamaha based mariner four stroke. (non EFI model)



This is the new Mercury EFi four stroke based on the verado engine block. specs below


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That has also been bugging me for ages too Sammy, and you have come up with the most comprehensive answer anyone could possibly ask for.

Thank you very much!

As I side note, would you know if one is worth more than the other, or do they sell of the same identical price list?


Hi Anthony,

Glad i can shed some light on this topic... As far as pricing goes, the Retail for the EFI model is around the $14k mark not fitted, the non EFI is currently being sold for around the $12k mark

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Doesnt Mercury also own "force" outboards...which is the new re badge chrylers motors??

THe question is what doesn't the brunswick corp own!! They seem to want to dominate the whole boating spectrum. Cheers Kelvin

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