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Long Tom

blue marlin

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Woke up anzac morning to a heavy down pour of rain and after telling a couple of mates who had organized a fishing day dont worry about the rain and toughin up i had to go. So out to garage and hooked up the boat loaded the boat with bait and rods and headed to the ramp,the wife said i was #****** :tease:

Got to the ramp the rain stopped and headed to sylvania to pick up a mate who was fishing with me who suggested we take his boat which is a 47 caribbean, but you cant catch fish in air conditioned comfort.

So we headed headed out in the tinnie and straight for the hot water outlet and there were fish everywhere breaking the suface :yahoo: after the first cast we where into the long tom which are fantastic fighters on light line but hard to stay connected too,then something bigger grabs my bait and heads straight to the fish farm no stopping him on 6 kg :1badmood: then the mates reel screams off and to our suprise a jewie comes to the surface and then decides to head straight to the oil wharf and on 3 kg line there was no stoppin him either :1badmood: out comes the 10 kg rods and didnt turn another reel.

So to spot number 2 for some bream and after picking up the wife and kids we anchored up and threw some burly in we didnt have to wait long something screams of with the chicken gut and after taking around 30 meters spits the bait :1badmood: then after i stopped swearing i got the same bait in the water and didnt have to wait long and landed a nice 39 cm bream then my mates into another which went 27cm and at the same time my son lands a nice trevally on his new rod that he got for his birthday he is all smiles,then everything goes quite not another touch for another 30 minutes.

So to spot number three for some flatties after 10 minutes we had a good 36 cm flattie which was released and my mate has a good 50 cm flatty next to the boat and tells me he dosnt need a net tries to lift him in and snap gone. In we head to the motorboat club for the weigh in and won the day none of the other 4 boats caught a thing.

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