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Floating Lures


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How well do floating lures actually work when going for bream mostly skimming across the top of the water.

Still unfamiliar with lures some what so still wondering what's the best way to go bout using some of them.

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Well how successful do they go more so than how do they actually work.

Generally when u stop cranking the lure, it floats. This secondary action might trigger an attack from the persuing predator, as compared to a suspending lure which sits stationary, but stays in the 'strike-zone' much longer. However, both versions have their specific usage for different conditions u fished in. That explains why an SX40 is priced higher than some other cheaper floaters, because their bouyancy had been properly tuned and they really do float slowwwlllyyy...



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I often tune the bouyancy of my lures by changing hooks and split rings to achieve that SLOW float that bream just love!!!

I did it on some Camion SR's because i felt it floated to quickly and not level, and it is now an absoulute brainer on Bass, Bream and soon trout :thumbup:

Ron's right though no need to touch an SX40 they are perfect from the box!!!


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