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Sunday At The Entrance


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well we went down for the social but had no luck finding anyone so we went fishing anyway off the opening of the channel

probably about 6:20am after waiting at the council park for 25minutes we had no luck at first it wasnt till about 10am that tash (my wife) caught her first ever big fish.... with no assistance from me....


as you can see she was stoked all in all she caught 34 cm and a 30cm bream and the 57 sambo


all i caught was a sambo same size as hers....

out fished but a good morning..

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Guest mrs_rzep

Hi Kingfisher,

Great fish there - Well done!

Such a shame that you guys could not find any of us!

We were all at Dunleith Caravan Park at the entrance! - I am not too sure what Council Park you were waiting at but in the social post it was stated that we were all heading to Dunleith Caravan park and we were to meet at Villa 5 for the sign in ect.... Hopefully you make the next one as we all had a great time as I am sure there will be 1000's of posts to tell everyone how the weekend went.

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aw man i didnt get that msg aw well maybe next time


i looked here for directions i didnt see a change in the venue

New post HERE with some more information about the social !!

If you are coming along , and your name is not on the list , please let us know in this thread , and I will be happy to add you!!


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i found later on where it said the caravan park in the forum posts man spewin

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she wasn't that into fishing but im still in the process of converting her. So the social was a good excuse to come and mingle with other fisho ladies ...maybe next time ill get there

and i knew if i could get her into a spot where she could get an awsome catch like a sambo flying out of the water like it was a marlin she would be hooked...its working as you can see by the look on her face after landing the first and best catch of the day

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Hey Kingfisher

That sambo (with the bit of weed adornment) almost makes it look like a kingie!!

Shame you missed the main group at the Social - it was great fun!



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