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The Entrance Social April 2007(day 2)


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Day 2 was a cracker and we made the decision to hit the beach again in the afternoon.

Roberta came waltzing around the corner in her yak and that was quite a sight around lunchtime.

Chris and Sammy had arrived and were ready for some serious action as well.

This day Donna ,myself,Roberta,Chris .Sammy and Luke would hit the beach to get onto the hotbite from the previous morning.

Rods were rigged and tested with nice new shiny gang hooks attached.We had a good supply of pillies .

We set off around 4 pm and the conditions were unbeleivable again.

The aim was to get everyone a Salmon including first timer Donna :yahoo:

First baits out and bammmmmmmm we are into em straight away and these Salmon are big fish as well.

Hoots and hollers from all of us as Huge Salmon started hitting the beach.

Donna was having her first go at Salmon fishing and yells out WOHOOOOOOOOOO shes on ,boy was I proud to see my fine lady giving it to her first Sambo of the beach :yahoo: She smacked it bigtime and a few pics and back into the drink it went.

Roberta was having a frustraing time getting smashed and busting off as she was sportfishing for them with much lighter line than us .

Then it happened a quadrouple hookup for us and the salmon were flying up the sand and what a great monment to be part of this action.

Chris landed a massive Salmon in the fading light and Robeerta tamed a few nice ones as well.

We landed over 20 Salmon and all were released to fight another day.There were fish all around our ankles at times as they swam for their freedom.The massive leaps and surges of these fine sorting fish never cease to amaze me.

We trudged off the beach in the datrk totally satisfied with our efforts.

Showered and cleaned up we headed for the pub for a celebratory meal with drinks :thumbup:

What a great day and Raider upon Raider were arriving en masse.


















More to come :tease:

Cheers Swordfisherman


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Well what a great weekend :yahoo:

Friday afternoon Peita and I head up to The Entrance and we arrived there just after 5:00pm after waiting for Flightmanager & Fishing+Guitar=Heaven to gudie them to the park from the freeway.

Once there we rang Donna to find that they had headed down to the beach at Budgewoi to have a beach fish as the Salmon were going off. As she said that they were only going to be another hour I thought that we would just settle in to our villa and wait for them to return.

About 2 hours later they show up with reports of all the salmon that they caught.

I should have gone down as soon as I got there but :05: .

Raiders were arriving at a steady pace and all were busy putting faces to names or catching up with someone that they had not seen for some time.

A short time later after it settled down a few of us decide to head over to the pub for some dinner. Once back at the park it was time to hit the :beersmile: It was a great night with many laughs and I think everyone enjoyed themselves.

It was about 1:00am on Saturday morning when I decided that it was time to hit the sack and when I left Ross was still going with Stumpy.

So Day 2 was Day 1 for me and although I had no fishing on this day it was still a great start to the weekend. :thumbup:

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:thumbup: What a fun weekend was had, after being delayed all week from finishing the boat

with the glorious Sydney weather (but we did need the rain)

I was wondering why I took holidays for that week, I might have to join Pete as

a member of the Rainman group

Thought I had most things sussed when I had that nagging feeling of check the

wheel bearings :1yikes: oh crap "Houston we have a problem"

Oh well I just knock a new set of bearings in are off we go - nope not a happening thing

off with the wheels out with the big hammer and belt the hubs off the axle slam in the new

bearings and ahhhhh one of the seals is the wrong size, back to the shop and change the

seal - what time were we leaving, now 3 hours late

Finish loading up and the :wife: along with Sorro and his :wife: head off 5pm Sydney

Friday peak hour :thumbdown: arrive at Dunleith about 7.15pm :yahoo:

Swordie says diner at the pub :thumbup: meet you there - so started our social weekend


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Hi Guys

What a BLAST!!! Never had so much fun on a single weekend for yonks! Being with other fellow Fishraider fishing fanatics was fantastic!! That is enough 'F's' for the time being ..... Donna & Stewy were right about me being very frustrated ..... and that was before I even hit the beach!!! I had kayaked all round the lake for about 4hrs in the morning & 3hrs in the pm on the Friday and had one bite from a blackie, which got off!! I came paddling in for some lunch & recognised some figures gathered outside the villa - YES! The Swordies were here! What a welcome! Bearhugs all round & lots of bragging about the superb catch earlier that morning .... very early! I couldn't resist heading to the beach on Fri night with the initial bunch of raiders, lead by our intrepid leader! Luke/Wildfish kindly gave me a lift out to the beach - I have never fished this area before, so felt a real 'newbie'! Pretty soon, everyone was getting into fish, except me!!! Not fair! I had lots of hits & they just wouldn't hold & then I got busted off about 3 times, losing everything ..... then hit the only snag on the beach & got busted off again! I couldn't believe it! :ranting2: I was spewing!! Then I upgraded from 12lb line to some 30lb Penn 10x (Thanks Luke!) and WHACKO! Got my first Salmon for the weekend! :thumbup::yahoo: I was one happy puppy! Fish were going off everywhere & jumping & performing in the surf. Really great to see all Raiders connect! A special YAHOO for Donna's first Salmon! :1prop::1prop:

It was fantastic being with a bunch of fellow fishing fanatics! And at that point, there were only about 6 of us!!! Hard to imagine it getting better, but it did! Got back to our camper & the other Half had dinner ready, on the table!!! :1yikes: How good is that??? Then I just fell into bed, only after setting the alarm for 5.15am!

Really enjoyed meeting up with all the names & putting faces to them - I was actually feeling a little 'tentative' about signing up for the social, but thought I had better .... seeing as how I am partly/mainly responsible for the next one being in Forster!! Some may not believe it, but I am basically a very shy person .... I thought I may not 'fit in', but right up, when paddling in & seeing Stewy & Donna, I immediately felt right at home! Fishing Heaven!

I am so drop dead envious of Stewy's lure boxes - yes BOXES & BOXES - all chewed by bass & bream!

If ya haven't done a Social yet - ya gotta put The Entrance on your fishing calendar!!

Cheers for now


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