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Hawkesbury River


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Hi all,

Ventured out with a couple of good mates to see what the hawkesbury had in store by way of some decent fish. The two boys had never fished the hawkesbury and were keen to give the jewies a good crack.

We launched the boat and headed over to cowan in search of some tailer to use as slab baits later in the night. Upon entering COwan we found a few schools of tailer scholling up and busting the surface so needless to say we got our fair share.

We then decided to go for a last light drift behind dangar island on the last of the run up tide and boy was it a good drift. we managed to boat around 10 undersize whiting, a few pinkie and two bream before a soapie came aboard. Mind you all these fish were caught on two drifts of about 50 metres with fish taking a real liking to peeled prawns and gulp sandworms in natural and bloodworm colours.

From here we decided it ws time to set up and try our luck for a reasonably sized jewie. We headed straight to the F3 bridge and began sounding the bottom to see what we coul find. There wasnt much action on the sounder but we thought we would have a crack anyway and found a ripper of a spot near one of the pylons with trmendous under water real estate which we thought would produce.

We put our baits down all of about 6 rods with pillies, squid, tailer and prawns. It wasnt long before the action started and withing 10minutes the first soapie is on board. From there we proceeded to get a total of 1 big stind ray (which we picked as a large jewie at first due to it head shaking violently and coming up off the bottom easily), 4 soapies, 3 flathead, two eel tailed catfish, 4 pike eels (one which we caght twice as it ha our hooks in it :1prop:.

We only kept one flathead as the others were probly just on legal but were skinny so we put them back. It was a shame the soapies wernt massive jews but we were glad we caught some.

We had a great night with several firsts for the 3 of us, one caught his first jewie and myself and another mate caught our first catty.

Even the rain couldnt put a dampner on things nor did the snapping of the winch cable on the trailer.

I have a couple of pics of some of the soapies on my mobile phone which i will post up tomorrow as my data cable is at work.

Cant wait to hit it again this weekend thats for sure.




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great report mate, good to see u get a few first's out there on the water.

good work on the jewies shame they werent bigger but it will come.

unfortunate with the cattie but these things happen. neway well done

on the fish nice report and good luck with ur next trip out onto the


regards mark

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The fish were thick until aout halfway into the runout tide. ive always had good success around the f3 bridge and hopefully will have agian this weekend. its definately worth a try if your in the area, plenty of good structure around under the bridge.

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mate great work on the jews.. seems to be heaps around at the moment.. we were up there bout 2 weeks ago could not stop the schoolies caught bout 8 in one night.. the biggest only being bout 70cm.. hope you crack a big one soon.. ( jew i mean ) :074:

cheers livebait!! :1fishing1:

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