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Botany Bay


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Hi guys

Went out today with the intentins of fishing the fads.

Arrived at the boat ramp at 5.30 to find stacks of the offshore powerboat racing teams parked in the pit area.

some of the boats included the maritiom/smorgan steel rig, acme racing and boy were they HUGE.

First stop was mol point where we stocked up on yakkas.

it was a straight smooth run to the close fad at about 7.30 sitting on 35kph.

Arrived at the close fad and fished for a good hour for ZILCH.

Decided to set to 24kg outfits out the back with large skirts and 2 smaller skirts off the riggers.

got about 9 mile directly off botany heads and BANG ZZZZZZZZ right rigger busrsts to life we took a small 2kg striped tuna.

In the next 15 mins the fishing was going to be mayhem.

all lines bought to the boat and tuna bought in but a butterfingers dropped him back in the drink :thumbdown: ,,,,, whilst setting the lines back out again dad was feeding a small skirt off the right rigger, had the reel in free spool, then the line started taking off at a million miles an hour after a quick fight the fish had won its freedom, assuming it was a striped tuna.

As soon as dad dropped his fish john was feeding a small skirt out on the left rigger when bang he is on to, got a small 30cm dollie to the boat.

Another certain butterfingers now lets not name names netted the fish but the fish was that small it fell out of the holes in the side of the net :1prop: .

We set all the lines back out and about 3 mins later ZZZZZZZZZ.........ZZZZZZZZZZZ the right rigger goes off again and a 4kg striped tuna is landed, arthur the guy who caught it it was his first ever (game/#####) and he was rapped, photos will be included later.

We trolled for a short while more approx 20 mins when dad looked out the back of the boat to see a bill and 2 fins breaking the surface behind the large skirt being trolled from the port rear corner MARLIN WOOOOO, it was the first time we had ever experienced this so i accelerated the boat then we dropped the lure back and tried various techniques to entice this fish to take the lure after a min of stalking our spread he dissapeared.

The place we were trolled was directly infront of botany heads over a current line that had small patches of warm water, floating objects, schools of bait and pleanty of bird working the area ranging from 9 miles-12 miles out to sea.

All the action stopped after the marlin we trolled for another few hours for zilch.

What a way to spend one of the last trips on the boat before she sells.

All in all it was a top day with plenty of good memorys.

Ops i will also mention the llargest fish hooked was me i was foul hooked in th bum.

cheers james

P.S i will post pics when i upload them.

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Ops i will also mention the llargest fish hooked was me i was foul hooked in th bum.

cheers james

P.S i will post pics when i upload them.

Hey James, I think we will pass on that photo :074:

Looks like you guys had an adventurous day.

Glad you caught and released the big one to fight another day ! :074:

I love reading your reports as they add a smile to my face every time.



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hey james! you seem to have a thing with storing lures! close and handy!

just wondering are you getting a new boat or whats the go!

Hi mate

Iv always got rods rigged with skirts/ metals and sometimes sp's as domza has found out if you have to spend time tying knots n lures etc you can miss out, i got 3 tailor in my 1st 3 casts by the time dom had rigged up the school was goneski's.

Boats on ebay only 3 days left or something like that.

If it doesnt sell were going to get:

new trailer


railmount rodholders/ more gunwale holders


rear padded seat

Maybe a new coat of paint, depends on budget.

And we will also be buying a skiboat for family days out.

cheers james

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