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Syd Harbour Sunday 29th


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Hi Guys,

I had fitted a Permatrim last weekend so I wanted to try it out, so while the boat was on the water I might as well do some fishing (well, that's how I justified it to the :wife: )

So my neighbour and his 12yr old son came along, we launched at Tunks and headed for Clifton Gardens saw a number of boats at the east drum near the naval base (read the report, was Kingsrule).

We drifted from the wharf out to start with but only caught tiddlers. Tried anchoring near the drum inside Clifton, burlyed up ......nothing. Pulled the anchor and drifted again and picked up two 'Grinners' which we threw back in.

Moved across the Harbour to Watsons bay for nil. Then back to Balmoral for a Banjo Shark, then Sugarloaf bay for a tailor.

All in all no fish to take home, but the Permatrim worked well the boat planes quicker, stays on the plane longer (lower revs) and has virtually eliminated porpoising.


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