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Syd Harbor 28th

Kiwi Dan

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Hello Fishraiders,

Well im breaking my "fishradier" virginity as I have only just signed up to Fishraider last night. I have been reading the posts for the past couple months picking up tips and reading everyones good fortunes so thought its time to get in on the action.

Went our Saturday morning with my bro to for a quick flick to see if we could gather a feed for him and his family. We got to Tunks at about 9am and the carpark was relativley empty. Becasue I have been catching a fair bit at Grotto lately I headed straight there in my quest to prove to my big bro that I was the supreme fishermen. We anchored up quickly got the lines in the water. After about 15 minutes I was into the first Trev for the day pulled that in and off goes my second line a nice bream. For the next hour it was all me, all the bro could do was sit and watch how it was done.

As you could imagine as soon as I got a big head my luck ran out and he showed me why he is the older and wiser. His baitcaster went ape and after a good little fight he landed a good sambo the size of my esky lid. Then he pulled in a fairly large trev which he dropped at the boat. I was more then happy to remind him where a certain %%% of fish are lost. Next thing his line is off again, not much weight to it at all but once we made out it was a very small bream I noticed something was following it. He played it slow and then smash he was on a nice little king, surprisingly it took the bream and gave my brother a good fight. My brother played the king and brought it up for a quick pic and release. I was a little filthy he caught the first king in my boat but you get that!!

After a while we headed over to the bombora for a bit then headed home. We only ended up taking enought for a feed but in total would got over 21 keepers. At the end of the day I was out fished but seeing it was my boat I still got him to clean the fish when we got back!! It is my boat after all!


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