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Rules For Fishing Off Sydney Harbour Wharfs?


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I have checked the Sydney Harbour Foreshore Authority website and cannot find rules about fishing off Harbour wharfs and surrounding areas...

reason i ask is that i accidently dropped some of my lunch under the wharf at pyrmont today and some of the biggest bream i have seen came up and took it. :1yikes:

there is a 'no fishing' sign errected on the ferry wharf itself, but this spot is some 50m away.... and i'm pretty sure the bream would be all along the wharf.

i'm thinking purely catch and release on sp.

any ideas on the rules?

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Hi Sluggo

Obviously the wharf is out of bounds - but so long as there are no signs elsewhere telling you not to fish, fishing 50m away should be fine!! You'd have to be careful when the ferries come in tho -- be sensible & pull your line in till they leave. Otherwise the wash could have you snag badly! Sometimes the best fishing is as the ferries leave, cos they churn up the bottom & if you are fishing light, you could hook some beauties!! Put on whatever you were having for lunch the other day! They liked it then, they'll like it again! Bread is great to burley with, no matter what you are after, anyway! Should be some good blackies around there, too!



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