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The Weekend Offshore On Broadbill And Billfisher

Ross Hunter

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Hi Raiders,

Just a quick one to report on the offshore scene for those who may be venturing out.We trolled both days for a few stripeys and some tiny dolphin fish on the fads they were 50 to 60 cm we caught them by cubing striped tuna.The marlin scene has really rolled over but there is light at the end of the tunnel as there is a great flood of warm water heading down and having checked it this morning it is about 33 degrees lat now. This is 24 degree water that may surprise us with a late run of striped marlin and even a few more blues, however on our web site :1welcomeani: www.gamefishingcharters.com.au Go into latest update on Fishing reports :1fishing1: you will also see that we predict the start of the yellowfin run and I think that this water may hold a few fish. There was a 45 kg tuna caught on Saturday wide of Browns.

Inshore I was surprised to catch a swag of snapper off my favourite reef in 55 metres off Coogee, we only fished for 1 hour for them and whilst they were small they were keepers . If we were to have fished floaters that day we would have caught some reasonable fish I feel. Read article on "floater fishing" in "Articles" on Home page on this site for a tip or two on what I mean. We have also posted in our "How To Catch" series" 'Black Marlin and How To catch them" next one is yellowfin then everyone's favourite kingfish

Tips for the next fortnight yellowfin out wide and definately snapper in close on floaters if the current does not run too much .Good Luck Sounds like you all had a great weekend :beersmile: at the Entrance

There are probably nicer people in the world than Stew and Donna but I haven't met them yet.


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Keep the reports coming Ross and as soon as the FIN arrive we will be coming out with you to score Donna a Big Jumbo :yahoo:

Cheers Stewy

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Great report as always, and thanks for the support of all things fishraider.

I am hoping to get the old man and a few mates for a YFT session in the next couple of months.

I cannot find an "articles" section on your home page, to find out what 'floater fishing' means.

Thanks mate.


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