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im thinking, i might go out to osbourn shoals early saturday, daybreak, and try burly up some snapper!

i seen a post about 2 weeks ago from there with some caught!

what are my chances? when is a good time of year to chase snapper up here? is this a good spot to target snapper? i have no gps and only a very basic sounder so trying to find other reefs may be fruitless but i can find osborne!

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Osbourne is pretty easy to find with out a GPS. There are definatley Snapper around, the best way to fish for Snapper and Mowies is to float strip baits down a decent burley trail.

Try different baits, also may want to give the SP's a go. Some of the larger Squidgie Flick Baits, Shads or other faster moving plastics. But if you start getting tailed and get holes in your lures you know that the Jackets have found you :ranting2:


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If i was chasing snapper in those areas id start a drift from merries all the way down depending which way the currents working, once you find a productive spot either anchor or re-drift it but make sure i burly up, vary the depths of my baits and the baits/rigs i am using.

cheers james

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