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Help Re Broken Bay Traps


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ive never been to the traps and i dont know where they are. But will pass on something i read on the net or in the newspaper.

I read that many of the pros had caught their quota (of what i dont know) so a lot of them bought their traps home. This refers to offshore Terrigal or Broken Bay. Not sure which, cant remember.

Like i said, this is chinese whispers/3rd hand info ..... but might be of some help if you if you dont get many other replies.


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Find the GPS coordinates for Barrenjoey Wide or 9 mile reef and you'll find some fish traps (not the FAD but fish traps that someone has dropped).

Still work for Dollies if they're around

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There are new traps as of Friday at Reggies and Boultons outside Newport-so to speak!

We watched them check and drop them as we were fishing.

They are in a hell of a lot closer than the markers on the fisheries website

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