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Blackfish In The Georges

Ross Hunter

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It was quite a team as we assaulted the blackies down the river again...Stewy had not had a comfortable nights sleep.. What with the "savage eel dreams" and all, but as he said "Nothing effects professionals".Donna accompanied the great man more as a comfort ( she is a nursing sister) if the eel nightmares returned and became unbearable.

We fished hard and caught 15 of so blackfish between us but they were all undersize until the swordy hooks up a gem, the braid made a hair raising sound as it whistled through the guides."Straight into the keeper with that one" I suggested I then caught a keeper and the swordy was smokin' well that never stops any way.

The weather beat us a bit as the westerly winds blasted down the river making it difficult to fish But the sun was shining, the birds were singing and we had a ball ...Thats what I'm talkin' about Mr and Mrs Swordfish

Next trip is in the boat and were gonna dong 'em

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Hi Ross & Stewy

Better luck than me today!!! I only had the one on & it fell off as I lifted it from the water! :( Bummer! Not big, anyway! A buddy got one nice one, Forster side & another buddy (who is making floats ready for the Social! The ones I use!) He got 6! :1badmood::mad3:

Ne'er mind - you could see them all, but not taking! :thumbdown: I had tried 3 different types of weed plus cabbage! :beersmile::beersmile::beersmile: (as in, need a few!)



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Bit of a tough day with small fish plagueing us again :( The fishing was ok and the rivalry was at an all time high again :biggrin2:

The fish are definately in the river and I think in the next few weeks the Blackies will come on with some bigger fish coming into the river from outside.

Hoping to get to a few more spots on the river in the Polycraft and skipper the boat and Ross can be my deckie :074:

Cheers Stewy

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