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Hawkesbury Again


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Hi all,

Me and a couple of mates hit the river again in search of jewies, the day started good with a few flatties boated around the high tide about 11am and then the pinkies started to destroy baits.

Around 3pm met up with a couple of mates in their boat and we proceeded to fish the roda and rail bridges for a few flatties and a pj shark. from there it was getting to the high tide at around 10.30 or so so we headed to elenor bluff to wait for the tide to run out. as soon as it did bang we had 3 schoolies in a row, two at 55cm and one at 50cm.

Water temp is slowly starting to drop, last week in parts we found 2 degree water in around cowan now it was 19.3degrees.

All in all a great day/night out on the water with plenty of fish/eels/catties boated oh and a large shovel nose too.



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Nice feed there Adrian, Good work buddy. Cheers Dave

cheers dave, how did you go yesterday?

Great schoolies! I'm looking at heading up that way within the next few weeks! Any suggestions or tips? Also what bait were you using?


i think the key is to move around, there are heaps of flathead around the back of dangar, just find the drop offs and you should score a feed, most taken on gulp sandworms and pillie tails.

th schoolies were taken on squid caught a couple of weeks ago and snap frozen. the spots that fired last week were quiet this week so just try everywhere and if you dont hook up n 30-40mins move somewhere else i think..

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Nice bag there,enjoy your up-coming feed.


ps, 2degree water temps,very chilly. :frozen:

sorry my mistake 20degrees.

Well done mate :thumbup:

when you going to hit the harbour again?


not entirely sure i dont tend to atch many fish in the harbour. pm me next time you head out and ill see if i can muste a crew for my boat mate.

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Well done Adrian,

Great report and top feed

Edited by MRS WATTO
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