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Browns Mountain Sinker


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Went out to Browns on the weekend and tried a new sinker.

Over the past couple of years I've lost countless leads at the mountain.Everything from sash weights,store bought sinkers made specially for Browns,homemade leads made with homemade moulds and even snapper leads strapped together.Would usually loose 2 sinkers a trip if the weather was good and anything up to 5 if there was a strong current or strong wind.

Came up with the following sinker.It did really well on the weekend.Dropped a total of eight times and it didn't get snagged.I even driffted with it purposely keeping it on the bottom and it slid and bounced over the ground without getting caught once.

Here's how to make it.

Get a 600ml coke bottle and some scrap lead sheets.

Cut the lead into strips and roll the strips up.

Pound the strips with a hammer ,folding them as you go,so they will fit through the hole of the coke bottle.

Fill the coke bottle half way with the lead.This will give you a 2.5kg sinker when finished.


If a lighter or heavier sinker is required vary the lead accordingly.

To make a loop to attach the line get a galvinised coat hanger cut it in half.

Punch two holes in the cap and poke the wire through.

Twist the wire together at the bottom so it gets a good hold in the concrete.


Get a bag of sand and cement and mix up a little bit into a fairly wet mixture enough to fill half the bottle.

Put this mixture into the bottle,you can cut another 600ml bottle to use as a funnel,then shake and tap the bottle so the cement penetrates all around the lead.

Then mix some more cement up,not as wet and fill the rest of the bottle up tapping it as you go.

Put the cap and wire on and leave for about 20mins.

After 20mins there should be some water at the top after the cement mixture has settled.

Pour half of this off and put some more dry sand and cement mixture in the top and use the metal on the cap to stir it.This will make it solid all the way to the cap,leaving no gaps.

Leave to dry for atleast afew days.

It goes down just as good as sash weights as it's aerodynamic and comes up well to.Due to the bottom weighing more then the top,as you drift it lifts the top of the bottom reducing the chance of getting snagged.

So far its worked really well and I hope it will continue to and they work out pretty cheap to make too.

The end result.


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good thinking

thanks for that

No worries.

Mako concrete in the 1 litre PET milk bottle is ok as well.

I also made some with straight concrete in larger bottles and they did work but I found them to be abit bulky and they didn't go down as fast which matters when there is current and wind.

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