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Hey Boofhead :)


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Just a few images to give you an idea on how to get some pretty nice pics of Murray Cod when fishing solo, hope this sorta helps you in your future catches of these great Aussie sport fish.







Cheers, Allan

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love it there allen

keep them pics coming :yahoo:

Thanks guys, just trying to give boofhead a few ideas on how to get some really nice pics of his next cod if he's fishing solo, funny how a lot of us cod fisho's fish alone, for me theres nothing like being out there by yourself enjoying the serenity of it all.

Lately tho I rediscovered the salt in my kayak and am looking forward to a great snapper season this year from it, heres a couple of pics of my new joy, it's a different kayak to the one I was in the fish of the month comp that I won.



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Mate those pics are a wet dream!

Beautiful fish.

Thanks very much for sharing.

I hear ya on the solo stuff too. I actually just got back this arvo on another run to Lake Cargelligo & of course I disapeared for a few hours before heading home. The serenity & complete & utter "Blankness" of my mind still amazes me. I can forget about work, forget about everything just for a few stolen moments of shear blissful quiet.

All this & I didn't even get a bite! Imagine how content I would have been if I had!

Fishing in general is always like that for me, even when I'm with others, but when solo its another level up on the "Blank-Zen State" that will keep me wandering the banks, searching for hollows, hides & snags for many years to come I'm sure.

All the above combined with the heart thumping jolt you get when a good fish hits is a recipe for repeated MIA reports.

When you find places like this to wipe your mind clean its hard not to want to do it everyday.

All I need now is a few decent sized fish in the pics & I'm set!






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